So you heard about Moroccan Black Soap but you aren’t exactly sure what it does?

Don’t worry, it can be overwhelming keeping track of what all the exotic new beauty products provide and we are here to help!

Moroccan Black Soap is an all natural vegetable paste made from 100% virgin black olive oil pureed with black olives.  It has a gooey consistency, that some compare to a butter-type feel. 

Moroccan Black Soap has been used for centuries in Morocco and is most famous for its use at traditional Hammam spas. 

Moroccan Black Soap is used at Hammam spas to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin and toxins, making the skin softer and more prepared for further exfoliation.

Black Soap is an excellent way to get rid of excess oil, while opening up your pores to combat breakouts!

Benefits of Black Soap:

- Hypoallergenic

- Natural exfoliator

- Remove excess oil, dead skin cells and imperfections

- Eliminates blackheads, unclogs pores

- Combats dry and flaky skin

- Tightens skin

- Perfect for those with eczema and psoriasis

-Improves fine lines and wrinkles

How to Use Black Soap:

- With clean hands, scoop Black Soap with fingers and massage soap over your entire face or body, take special precaution to avoid your eyes.

-Allow up to five minutes for mask to dry (less if you have sensitive/dry skin)

-Using a scrubbing glove or wash cloth, gently remove the mask using warm water.

Get your Moroccan Black Soap today and say goodbye to blocked pores and oily skin.  Don’t forget, Arganosa provides FREE 2-Day shipping!

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