How to fix Cracked Feet

By Arganosa Lovers

Is there anything more disgusting than cracked feet?

How embarrassing is it to take off your shoes when you are at the pool or beach and expose your dry, cracked, and discolored feet?

Few things can compare!

Luckily for you, summer is right around the corner and Arganosa has your back!

Did you know you can cure cracked and dry feet with Argan Oil?

The best part?  It’s super easy!

Here’s three easy steps to get rid of cracked feet!

  1. Shower and exfoliate your feet.  This can be as simple as scrubbing with a bar soap, the main idea is just opening up the pores in your feet!
  2. Apply Arganosa’s Extra Virgin Argan Oil:  Use roughly 2 or 3 drops of Argan Oil, apply to the bottom of your feet and gently rub in.
  3. Cover feet with socks:  This allows the Argan Oil to really soak into the soles of your feet, helping to quicken the healing process.

You can repeat these steps every night as needed.  Argan Oil is an extremely powerful all natural elixir, so you can expect to see results very quickly, but the amount of time needed to fully repair your feet depends on the severity of the cracking to begin with!

Don’t forget to pick up your bottle of Argan Oil today and kick cracked feet to the curb!

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