How Moroccan Black Soap Helped Me

By Arganosa Tips

Hey ARGANOSA Family!

We received this amazing and heart felt review from Mindy in Arizona who tried our Moroccan Black Soap and wanted to share it with you! Thank you Mindy.

We love and appreciate you!

With  ❤️️:

 "Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed a huge blackhead?

 I know this feeling all too well. All throughout high school and college, my skin was so oily and greasy, which meant that my nose and forehead was covered in disgusting blackheads! It made going to class a nightmare, as I worried my classmates would notice and make fun of me. I would feel the disapproving stares, as their eyes scanned my greasy skin and noticeable blackheads. I felt depressed and like the girl nobody wanted.

Obviously, this seriously impacted my academic life. I was nervous to raise my hand in class, as I didn't want the attention of the whole room on me and my less than stellar skin. Needless to say, this type of self conscious behavior didn't do me any favors in the dating market, as I was sure that every guy would judge me and not be interested. So, I mainly spent my time isolated and hanging out alone in my dorm room.

After college, I set a personal goal that I was not going to allow my skin to hold me back anymore. The only problem was, I had already tried so many skin care products! I had also been to the dermatologist and tried a handful of medications and creams that never really had any positive benefit. All it did was cost me money with no results!

So, I started to try lesser known products, spending hours on Google, YouTube and in Facebook groups searching for organic and all natural products that most people have never heard of.  

I began to order different products every month, but most times, the products just didn't do anything for my stubborn skin. I would occasionally find something that worked for a few weeks, but the next breakout was always right around the corner. 

 After a few months, I finally found a product that worked! I had heard from a Moroccan co-worker about a product called "Black Soap" and decided to order it from a small start up company called Arganosa! They produce their products at Women-Collectives in Agadir, Morocco and everything is 100% all natural and organic, which is so important for my sensitive skin.

After only a few days, the Moroccan Black Soap began to work. You see, Moroccan Black Soap is the ultimate exfoliator. It works as a mask that will draw out impurities and toxins, while opening up your pores so they can breath. Before I would put on my Black Soap mask, my skin would feel heavy from the oil, you know the feeling! When I would take it off, my face would feel smooth and fresher, and my pores could finally breath! Black Soap is filled with essential oils and vitamins that naturally heal your skin.  


Well, my sensitive skin normally dries out something terrible when I use a mask more than once a week, but because Moroccan Black Soap is all natural, it actually worked to hydrate my skin, so I could use it two or three times a week to exfoliate my skin and get rid of the grease and blackheads, without worrying about having a dry or red face the next morning!Lately, I feel a lot more confident and powerful in social situations. I also don't shy away from participating at meetings at the workplace. You can see I am a lot more comfortable being the center of attention now! 

 I really encourage you to test out Arganosa's Moroccan Black Soap and see if it is the solution for you! "

Mindy J.
From Arizonna

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