How Argan Oil Cured My Sunburn!

By Arganosa Tips

How Argan Oil Cured My Sunburn!

Last weekend, I spent a beautiful day out on my friends boat in South Florida, the home of Arganosa's headquarters.

While, I love nothing more than spending a day on the water, I also, unfortunately, have relatively pale skin that does not react well to a full day in the blistering South Florida heat! 

 After a few hours, my back really started to hurt and my girlfriend noticed I was getting really burned. I had to act fast before the burn got out of hand!

 Luckily, we remembered to pack our Arganosa Extra Virgin Argan Oil so I was only a few drops away from relief!


To soothe a sunburn with Argan Oil, all you have to do is gently rub a few drops (between 2 - 5) directly onto the burn. Repeat this a few times a day until your burn starts to subside! 

 You will notice immediate relief when you put the Argan Oil on, similar to how you would feel if you put Aloe on a burn. In addition, you will notice the pain and redness of the burn start to subside substantially within 24 to 48 hours. 

 Summer is just around the corner, act now and save your skin from nasty and painful sunburns! 

 Get your bottle of Extra Virgin Argan Oil today and enjoy 15% off plus FREE 2-Day Shipping!

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