Happy Women's Day from Arganosa!

By Arganosa Tips

In honor of International Women's Day, we wanted to celebrate the women in our lives by sharing with you our favorite ways that Arganosa honors women!

1) Respecting Mother Nature

Arganosa makes sure to always respect the most powerful woman on the planet… no we don’t mean Beyonce, we are talking about Mother Nature! Arganosa stays on Mother Nature’s good side by using all natural ingredients sourced in an eco-friendly fashion using traditional Moroccan methods. Everything that goes into our products comes straight from nature to our bottles. We don’t use any chemicals or artificial ingredients. We are proud to be certified organic. When we say all natural, we mean all natural!

2) Produced at Women’s Collectives in Agadir, Morocco

Arganosa - Moroccan Argan Oil
All of Arganosa’s products are produced at women’s collective in Agadir, Morocco. These collectives help economically support the surrounding communities and are the only real way for many of these women to financially support their families. We consider it a privilege to work with these amazing women and are continually inspired by their dedication to their craft and their respect for Moroccan tradition. These are some of the hardest working women on the planet, for instance, it takes over 1 million seeds to make 1 liter of Prickly Pear Seed Oil, with the extraction process for that oil taking up to 36 hours. Think about that! That takes incredible focus and patience. Arganosa’s mission is to always give back to local communities, ensuring we honor Moroccan beauty traditions, which have provided the world with such amazing cosmetic products!

3) Providing All Natural and Pure Products

Arganosa - Natural Argan Oil
Nothing is more annoying than thinking you have found the perfect cosmetic item, only to check the ingredient label and see it is filled with chemicals you have never even heard of! Arganosa knows the feeling and that’s why all our products are pure and all natural. When you buy our Argan Oil, you are getting 100% pure Argan Oil. The same with our Prickly Pear Seed Oil! ONE INGREDIENT! Our oils aren’t mixed with olive oil, or other unnatural ingredients that other companies add to their products to lower their production costs. We don’t cut any corners, producing all our products at women’s collectives in Agadir, Morocco that have been making their world famous oils in the traditional Moroccan fashion for centuries. We know you want the real thing and that’s what we provide!

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