Five Signs Your Argan Oil is Impure

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Argan Oil is one of the most powerful all natural oils on the planet, thanks to it's high levels of vitamin E and antioxidants. However, when you buy Argan Oil you need to be careful that you are getting what you paid for. Unfortunately, many companies advertise that they are selling pure Argan Oil, when in fact, they are selling a diluted product that is cut with a number of different ingredients! 

 Luckily for you, you found Arganosa, which is 100% pure, All Natural and Organic. Our products are made at Eco-Collectives in Agadir, Morocco, the world famous birthplace of Argan Oil! 

 Holding the standard of pure Moroccan Argan Oil is important to us, so check out our guide on how to make sure your Argan Oil is 100% pure!

Extra Virgin Argan Oil - Arganosa Blog post Five Signs Your Oil is Impure


1- The Bottle

Pure Argan Oil is rarely, if ever, sold in a clear or plastic bottle. This type of packaging can make the oil deteriorate, and every producer of clear Argan Oil is aware of this. If you want to find pure Argan Oil, look for the oil to come in a dark colored bottle, such as Arganosa's dark amber colored bottles! We would never allow light to break down our 100% all natural liquid gold!

2- The Scent

Pure Argan Oil has what most people would describe as a faint "nutty" smell to it. The majority of people quite enjoy the smell, and find it to be an enjoyable fragrance. Some people will even tell you pure Argan Oil smells a bit like popcorn!If your Argan Oil smells like NOTHING, you know it is not pure! It is either fake or diluted beyond recognition. This is a good way of knowing that the product is machine/factory made and is not made using the traditional Moroccan extraction process utilized by Arganosa.

3- The Igredients

It's pretty simple, if a company is selling 100% pure Argan Oil, then there is only one ingredient: Argania Spinosa (Argan Oil).That's what you get at Arganosa, 100% pure and all natural Argan Oil. If only every company felt that way!Check out the ingredients list for a popular company advertising their "Moroccan Oil" 

 Ingredients: Key Ingredients : Argan Oil: Extremely rich in tocopherols (Vitamin E), essential fatty acids and antioxidants that hydrate and nourish the hair. Linseed Extract: Derived from flaxseed, a good source of alpha linolenic acid—also an essential fatty acid that helps improve the health of hair. All Ingredients: CYCLOMETHICONE, DIMETHICONE, ARGANIA SPINOSA (ARGAN) KERNEL OIL, PARFUM/FRAGRANCE, LINUM USITATISSIMUM (LINSEED) SEED EXTRACT, CI 26100 (RED 17), CI 47000 (YELLOW 11). MOT01 

What's with all those ingredients!?! Why dilute the restorative healing powers of Argan Oil with all those ingredients?Simply put: Pure Argan Oil has one ingredient: Argania Spinosa (Argan Oil)

4- The Texture

Pure Argan Oil is smooth and silky to the touch. You will find that Arganosa's 100% pure Argan Oil will quickly absorb into your skin in a very natural fashion. You should never feel a burn, sting, or any pain whatsoever when putting pure Argan Oil onto your skin. Many describe Argan Oil as having a soothing feel, almost like a healing massage oil!

5- The Pricing

If you see inexpensive or cheap Argan Oil, it is sadly a good sign it is fake. Argan Oil is a rare and expensive oil, which is why it's such a delicacy.In addition, the process of making Argan Oil is quite arduous. To make a bottle of Argan Oil without machine intervention, somebody must pick the nut, crack the nut using a traditional cold press technique, then extract the oil and bottle it for sale. This is incredibly time consuming and to do it properly, it requires years of diligent practice. That being said, it is not a simple process and it is very difficult to mass produce Argan Oil, causing it to be one of the pricier and higher end cosmetic products.  


If you think you have found a discount source for Argan Oil, be very careful, as there is a very good chance it is in fact cut with vegetable oil, or other products you just would not want to put on your skin! 

 To see how real, 100% pure Argan Oil is made, check out how Arganosa produces our products using traditional methods at Eco-Collectives in Agadir, Morocco

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