Does Argan Oil Cure Sunburns?

By Arganosa Tips

Spring is here and summer is on the way!  For some people that is great news, however, for those with sunburn prone skin, that can be a nightmare!

We all know the feeling of spending the day at the beach, only to head home crispy fried and in serious pain!  It’s hard to sleep, it’s hard to relax, and it’s hard to even put a shirt on!  It all hurts and the only thing you can think about is soothing relief.

So, how do you plan to deal with sunburn this summer?

Generic lotion from the supermarket?  The standard option of aloe vera? 

Well, have you ever thought of trying Argan Oil?

You may be surprised to learn that Argan Oil is one of the best cures for sunburn on the market! 

The best part?  It is as easy as gently rubbing a few drops of Arganosa’s Extra Virgin Argan Oil on your sunburn, allowing it to soothe and rapidly heal your skin!

Because Argan Oil is so rich in antioxidants and vitamins, it immediately gets to work repairing your skin, reducing redness and allowing your skin to quickly heal.  Specifically, Argan Oil posses miracle antioxidants squalene and tocopherols, that help protect and repair skin against damage.

How fast will you see results?

If you use Arganosa’s Extra Virgin Argan Oil two times per day, morning and night, 3 - 5 drops each time, you can expect to see your sunburn dramatically reduce in redness within 24 hours.  Within 48 hours, your sunburn should be mostly faded, with the pain drastically reduced.  Of course, if you find yourself with a very serious burn, you can apply Argan Oil more frequently and in greater amounts.

The most wonderful thing about Argan Oil is its versatility!  It can combat wrinkles, hydrate dry hands and feet, and even eliminate sunburn!

Get your bottle of Arganosa’s Extra Virgin Argan Oil - Always 100% Pure - Always 100% Made in Morocco!  Don’t forget always FREE SHIPPING!

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