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The feedback on Arganosa'a Organic Moroccan Cosmetics has been exceptional!  Across the board, we are hearing positive feedback on all our products, from our 100% Pure Extra Virgin Argan Oil, to our powerful and all natural Moroccan Exfoliators

Customers have been using our products to deal with a number of issues, including a customer in Florida who used their Argan Oil to help heal a nasty and unsightly spider bite.  They were shocked at how quickly Arganosa's Extra Virgin Argan Oil healed their bite!  Glad to help!

Another valued customer used Arganosa's Moroccan Rhassoul Clay to absorb excess oil and dirt from her skin, while lessening the appearance of acne and unwanted blemishes! 

Christi, one of our repeat customers, also uses Arganosa products to create an at home Spa experience.  You know what we always say, with Arganosa you can bring the luxury Moroccan Spa experience to your home!  No need to travel across the world, Arganosa will deliver our legendary Moroccan beauty products right to your door step!

One of our favorite supporters uses Arganosa's Extra Virgin Argan Oil, Moroccan Black Soap, and Moroccan Rhassoul Clay on a regular basis... Here is what they have to say: 

"Lets talk skin care⬇️🌿Honestly I have super sensitive skin so I normally choose to use as minimal face products as possible but I have to share with you 3 of my favorite products I found from @arganosa_beauty that work wonders!🌿 first off all of there products are all natural so they can be used not only on your face but in your hair and on your body! The more natural the products the better they work on my skin type! so my obsession with these are real! My 3 favs are the black soap, the Argan oil and the clay mask! " 

Check her out enjoying Arganosa's Organic Moroccan Cosmetics!

Here she is using Arganosa's Extra Virgin Argan Oil to moisturize her face and combat wrinkles!

Here she is using Arganosa's Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, sourced directly from the Atalas Mountains:

Finally, here she is using Moroccan Black Soap, which smooths skin, eliminates blackheads, and removes excess oil:

In addition to our amazing products, customers also love supporting Arganosa because of our local connections in Morocco!  Many fans and customers just love the fact that we produce all our products at local women's collectives in Agadir, Morocco:

Lauren is one of our strongest supporters on social media and she loves Arganosa's 100% Pure Argan Oil!

It makes us feel extremely proud of our all natural and organic products, when we can impress beauty experts like Lauren. Trust us, she knows all of the brands, so when she gives a product a positive review, you know she means it!

It is amazing to be able to provide skin care solutions to cosmetics experts like Lauren, who are always looking for new products that are gentle on their sensitive skin! 

 Arganosa has even been getting rave reviews on our Bar Soaps, which come in Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seed!

Arganosa's journey is just beginning. We are on a mission to spread organic, all natural, and 100% pure Moroccan cosmetics across the globe. 

 Remember, when you support Arganosa, you are helping to support women at the Agadir, Morocco women's collectives who work so hard on a daily basis to bring you the high quality cosmetics you deserve!

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